Student Responsibilities

Students agree to share the responsibility to improve their academic achievement and achieve the State’s high standards in the following ways:

  • Follow all of the rules and policies of the school, all of the time.
  • Work diligently to improve all of my skills, increase my knowledge and become proficient on all of the state standards.
  • Turn in all homework.
  • Adhere to all provisions of the dress code, everyday.
  • Work cooperatively with students and staff.
  • Respect all students and staff.
  • Follow the direction of the staff.
  • Bring my ID card every day.
  • Dress appropriately for physical education.
  • Spend extra time studying for classes that are the hardest for me.
  • Be open minded, willing to listen to the opinions of others especially when they differ from mine.
  • Support my fellow classmates in their quest for academic excellence.
  • Value achievement for myself and others.
  • Take care of my computer and other materials provided by City High.
  • Take care of my school environment.
  • Be on time to school every morning and to every class every day.
  • Attend school everyday unless ill.