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3rd post – summary notes

Curriculum at City High At City High: – students read the whole book/play – all books are selected for reading level and interest level – students are given choices when it comes to selecting a book to read – pedagogy … Read more »

2nd post – Literature Text

The Prentice Hall Literature textbook your received is typical of English curricula across the country. (Prentice Hall packages this textbook with a grammar book and an additional literature only text that can be used as a supplement. The literature only … Read more »

Teacher Input

At our first meeting, Harris mentioned the idea of teacher creativity/input into the curriculum implementation process. No curriculum doc that we publish mentions this idea. If we want to add this idea into the curriculum overview, then we need to … Read more »

1st post

Guys I wanted us to be able to continue the discussion beyond the 45 minute meeting on Wednesday. This blog gives us that option. Only the people in the working-group have access to the blog. Participants are preselected and access … Read more »