School-wide Livestream Classes @ CITY HIGH

City High Takes Distance Learning to a Whole New Level – Livestreamed Virtual Classrooms and In-person Support One Day per Week.

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Our fall 2020 reopening will take distance learning to the next level. Students will use their FREE laptop to join their teachers and classmates in virtual, livestreamed, interactive classrooms, with an option for in-person academic and student support services one day a week for those who might want additional help.

Our approach is based on new PA Dept. of Ed. and US Department of Health guidelines as well as requests from parents. We believe live synchronous interaction will help fill the void for students while they participate in online classes from home. Amidst the pandemic, it’s a safer, structured, yet still personalized, format that will allow us to transition from livestreaming to in-person, without changing students’ schedules.


  • Students will take all of their classes, but in a condensed half-day schedule.  They will log into their scheduled classes as if they were in person, except they will join their teacher’s interactive Google classroom along with their classmates. They then have the other half of the day to work on targeted assignments. So, there is structure and balance to our approach.
  • All students will have the option to visit the school one day a week for in-person academic support and to receive supplemental services such as wellness, post-high school planning, and technology support. Much like universities have sessions set aside by the professor or teacher’s assistant for one-on-one tutoring, City High will be offering each class in-person academic and student support services one day a week for those who might want additional help. Socially distanced, of course. At our core: keeping students engaged as learners during these unusual times
  • Advisory is scheduled with every student to assure and build connection among classmates, and their advisor/mentor teacher.
  • Students will be asked to come to City High to pick up their laptops and receive their supplies for their synchronized learning program. 9th graders have the opportunity to sign up for a virtual Meet and Greet with teachers to further orient and introduce them to City High.


  • Parents have told us that structure is important. This live synchronous learning format should provide routine and accountability to the student’s day, while offering the flexibility for independent study, research and assignments. What’s more, “working from home” helps students develop habits like time-management and self-motivation, which are increasingly becoming transferrable skills for workplace success.
  • Of course, parental support is vital to helping us build independent learners. So, parents will have access to core parts of our Google Classroom platform to see what’s going on, keep up to date on what students are learning, check on assignments and be involved in their child’s education.


Even Virtually, Your Teachers and Classmates Are Right There with You.

In addition to City High’s technology emphasis, City High is all about keeping kids engaged… and learning. So, even while students are learning remotely, we want to ensure access to their teachers, counselors and classmates. Our livestream, interactive classrooms will enhance teacher/student continuity, allowing us to keep students and teachers looped together all 4 years. It is key to our personalized approach to education, which helps them build connections to each other, even while physically apart.

Livestreamed Distance Learning Details Letter


Parents and students alike agree that our recent efforts at virtual classes were successful.  Of respondents to our customized annual student and parent survey,

  • 100% of City High students are given a laptop and are already used to communicating with their teachers and completing assignments this way.
  • 87% of parents were satisfied with how City High managed the transition to online learning.
  • 87% of City High students said they usually or almost always knew what they were expected to do and could find everything they needed to get their work done.
  • 82% of City High students felt the way we structured online learning allowed them to understand what they were learning as well as or even better than before.
  • 77% of parents saw no change in how hard students were working and/or even saw an improvement.



City Charter High School has an “A” Health and Safety Rating, according to, thanks in part to its secure ballistic lobby and ID-secured entrance, monitoring cameras and panic switches throughout.

And, we have added ALL CDC suggested measures.…/schools-chi…/guidance-for-schools.html during these unusual times.



  • Touchless Infrared Temperature Scans
  • Required Mask Wearing
  • Sanitizing Stations
  • New Daily Cleaning Protocols
  • Ventilation Upgrades
  • Bi-weekly Electrostatic Cleaning of Floors
  • Weekly Electrostatic Cleaning of the Entire School
  • Separate Entrances and Exits
  • One-way Hallways
  • 6-ft. Spacing around Desks
  • Plexiglas Barriers in Designated Areas
  • Other Physical Distancing Practices throughout the School


If you were hoping to take a tour or visit us during an open house, please note that Covid-19 has kept us from opening our doors for tours at this time.  However, we hope to be able to provide an update and/or comparable alternative sometime in the near future.

Winter Classes Start—January 5th, all grades!

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