Ajani’s Covid-19 Update!

Due to the pandemic, Ajani’s senior year ended on a “virtual” note with remote classes. Starting college remotely without the full college experience, this promising City High grad has decided to take a “gap year” before starting college.

Ajani made this decision, “Partially because of the pandemic, but also because I felt like I could do more… explore more options during this period. I may go back to Pitt (where he’s been accepted) or apply to other colleges.”

One of the options that emerged was an additional internship opportunity to work remotely with a team across the nation for Alice Health – a startup providing support for long-term medical patients. As a front-end development programmer, he codes in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other language apps to develop the user interface (website, posts, social media, etc.) for this company dedicated to improving patient care, engagement and outcomes within a secure network. It’s an experience he looks to add to his resume and new college applications.

Ajani is keeping in touch with his teachers at City High and also keeping his eye on his college and future goals. “Ultimately, I’d really like to be involved in the tech world, since that’s what I’ve been doing all along and I really enjoy it.”


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