Grading at City High is standards based. Grades can be interpreted as follows:

A – Advanced: Demonstrates depth and breadth in understanding and is performing with distinction
B – Proficient: Performs at a level consistent with City High academic expectations
C – Nearly Proficient: Needs improvement in order to graduate with the PA Seal of Proficiency
D – Needs Significant Improvement: Needs significant improvement to reach the learning standard
E – Not Engaged: Not engaged in the learning process. In order to pass a course a student must achieve a C- average in a two trimester class or achieve a C or higher in a one trimester class.

Grade Values


A = 4 A- = 3.5


B = 3 B- = 2.5


C = 2 C- = 1.5


D = 1 D- = 0.5


E = 0

Student QPA is determined by taking the grade value and multiplying it by the number of credits.  Grades in honors courses are weighted (X 1.25) when determining QPA. The City High transcript does not provide a class rank for its students. The City High transcript includes student assessment results on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA).   The PSSA is a criterion referenced exam that is administered in the spring of junior year.  Scores fall into the Advanced, Proficient, Basic or Below Basic categories. The transcript also includes scores from the optional SAT and/or ACT exam.