FREE* Laptop for each student, along with complete Tech Support, including repairs, loaner laptops, and daily technology phone support.

All graduates complete a 13-week Mentored Internship to explore a potential career and get a taste of the real work environment.

Hands-on S.T.E.M. Labs, Student Robotics Team, Programming Electives, Anatomy & Physiology Elective Labs

Networked Environment – Students check and submit assignments online – often communicate with teachers and each other through email, Google Meet, text and phone. Plus, WiFi Hotspots for students who don’t have access at home.

City High is a
public high school, open to ALL students.

City High is a technology based school with a rigorous approach to interdisciplinary, project-based learning.

21 st Century Curriculum

With its rigorous academics and focus on technology as a tool for learning, City Charter High School prepares graduates to leave academically, technologically, personally and socially prepared to succeed in the modern world – whether they choose college, skills training, or employment.

We cluster learning into 4 main areas and use interdisciplinary, project-based approach that results in a broader, more well-rounded knowledge base. This allows students to explore a broader range of interests; some may naturally excel in science and technology, and others may enjoy exploring their artistic side.

Core Studies—Uncover our unique clustering approach to curriculum.

Advanced Learning—See how we keep the interest of students who like to be challenged.

Beyond the Classroom—Take a look at how we keep kids learning outside the classroom.


Here’s Why More and More Parents Are Choosing City High

Each student is challenged to explore who they are – what they’re good at – and what they would like to do when school is over.

In addition to traditional areas of learning (like STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), students are exposed to life skills like Financial Literacy, independent study and teamwork and learn soft skills like discipline, patience, concentration, and listening to take with them no matter what they do in life.

Each student has the opportunity to learn both in the classroom and outside of the classroom – in the real world, guided by a professional mentor.

Livestream Distance Learning

Currently, our students will join their teachers and classmates in a virtual, livestream, interactive classroom. With an option allowing in-person learning support one day a week for students who might need additional help.

Here’s how it works:

• Students will take all of their classes, but in a condensed half-day schedule.

• They will log into their scheduled classes as if attending class in person

• They will have the other half of the day to work on assignments and required homework.