Thanks to the Ford Foundation, 15 City High students bring their visions to life at TechShop.

With funding from the Ford Foundation, TechShop has provided the innovators of tomorrow from City High with more than $1 million worth of professional equipment and software to help build their dreams. According to Bill Gearhart, Pittsburgh TechShop General Manager, “We are excited to partner with the Ford Foundation to offer full scholarships for students 9th-11th grade at City Charter High School in Pittsburgh.”

“Working with the City High students in the TechShop summer camp was an incredible experience.  As a STEAM Educator at TechShop, I have worked with students from across the city and I can honestly say that the City High students were among the most mature, engaged, and ambitious students that I have had the opportunity to work with.”

Erin Oldynski—STEAM Coordinator

Founded in 2010 and visited by President Obama in 2014 on an “innovation in manufacturing” promotional tour, TechShop offers year-round youth programs for 8 – 17 year olds through weekend, after school, in-school and summer camp programs. The idea is to engage young innovators in the engineering design process using 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC software, metalworking, and textile fabrication as well as plastics and electronic labs.

About the Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation is the second-largest private foundation in the United States, with an endowment of $12 billion. Using these valuable financial resources to achieve the greatest possible impact, The Ford Foundation supports visionary leaders and organizations on the front lines of social change. So it is a perfect partner for the innovative education efforts at both the City Charter High School and Pittsburgh TechShop.

Meet some of tomorrow’s dreamers. See their vision come to life.

At TechShop, students have the opportunity, equipment and expertise to help bring their dreams to life. Here are some of the recent City High student achievements:

#CCH_3551Back Row: STEAM Educator Madeleine Campbell, TechShop Staff Justin Harvilla and Adam Petrashune, City High Student Kyesi Shackelford, Steven Mizgorski, Jessie Foley. Middle row: City High Students Chris Micknowski and Todd Best. Front Row: City High Students Ruqqiyah Mosley, Amelia Smith-Tine, Julia Imler, TechShop STEAM Coordinator Erin Oldynski.

Chris MicknowskiCart copyFrom left to right starting at the top of the photo: Steven Mizgorski and Chris Micknowski work with Jesse Foley and Kyesi Shackelford to make improvements to the TechShop PVC pipe go-cart. Steven Mizgorski also created a shirt, electronic watch, and laser cut birdhouse. Chris Micknowski also created a shirt, electronic watch, and laser cut birdhouse. Chris will also be joining Pittsburgh TechShop for the October after school program.

laserEtchErin Oldynski—STEAM Coordinator, with Ruqqiyah Mosley Shows off her laser cut wall clock created in Trotec Laser Cutter. She also created a shirt, a laser cut birdhouse, and 3D printed Krabby Patty, and laser cut pencil box
CityHighSolderingTechShopJulia Imler Learns electronics soldering using Arduino programmed circuit boards to create a personal electronic wristwatch. Julia also made an art collage, an acrylic sign and laser cut birdhouse.
3dprinterAmelia Smith-Tine uses a 3D-printer to create a solar system using TinkerCAD. WoodworkTodd Best with STEAM Educator Madeleine Campbell, shows off his laser cut shelf created in Trotec Laser Cutter. Todd also created a vinyl cut t-shirt, and a laser cut bird house.
TechShopCityHighKyesi Shackelford makes improvements to the TechShop PVC pipe go-cart, after completing a t-shirt, electronic watch, a 3D printed keychain, as well as a birdhouse and model car.

TheTechShop192 Bakery Square Boulevard


jessefoleyJesse Foley works on the TechShop PVC pipe go-cart, after completing a 3D modeled and printed Rubik’s cube


techshopdinasour copyThe TechShop—1600 Square Feet of Shop space



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