With Post-Gazette Internship and $18,000/year in Scholarships, Chase Lang is Armed for Success

What a shock to Chase Lang when he got to the Post-Gazette for the first day of his internship. Instead of merely shadowing the editorial staff to see what they do, he was put to work. For this City High student, it was a feat to land a position in a highly competitive internship reserved mostly for college students.

***DSC_7065City High intern Chase Lang outside the new Post-Gazette North Shore location

According to Linda Parker his internship coordinator at the PG, “As a rule, we do not accept high-school interns. We have a summer internship program for college students hoping to use the experience to get their first job in journalism. But City High approached us about a different program – students coming to the paper to help determine if they want to pursue journalism in college.”

Chase Lange Box

For Chase it was a wonderful learning experience. While there, Chase got to see every part of the newspaper. He went out on assignment with reporters, spent time in the design and photography departments, tried his hand at reviews and a few features, even got to be published and see his name in print.

He also worked on the PG social media hub, so he saw the digital aspect of the newspaper, which was his favorite. “I got to see how they work their social media pages,” he reported. “How they go about posting things and what they have to do in order to get the most responses or how they get more readers to participate.”

Chase’s supervisors at the PG all felt “He was quick to learn, open to anything, he took criticism and suggestions well. He listened, worked on it and improved – they were very pleased.” Most importantly, he came to the Post-Gazette well prepared. And Chase owes it to his literacy classes at City High.

“I really like the fact that City High is trying to prepare me for after high school,” he says. “Core academics are structured in a way that they help you in the real world. Financial literacy, for example. I don’t think a lot of schools have that. Also, I had a career class, where they helped me create a resume, which helped me get my first job. They taught me how to present myself when going to an interview.”

So was it a career changing experience? “Being at the Post-Gazette the last 13 weeks didn’t sway me away from my career path, but it did motivate me to write better, to work more diligently and to write more in general. I took the tools I learned from here and I just put them toward my school work right now.”

As he heads to Robert Morris University in Journalism, it’s only a matter of time before we will see his name in print again.

“A lot of college kids have resumes that say they have work experience – and they may have worked at Starbucks and different places, but when you have real experience in a job where you want to end up… that’s a big plus.”

Linda Parker, Administrative Assistant to the Editors – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
CH Internship Mentor


DSC_7017Chase Lang with David Shribman – Executive Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
 2DSC_7025 copyChase Lang with Mila Sanina – Deputy Managing Editor & Mentor
Chase Lang with Greg Victor – Op-Ed Editor & Mentor

About the Post-Gazette

At over 200-years old, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is the oldest newspaper west of the Alleghenies. Known for its award-winning local, national and international news coverage, the PG is Western Pennsylvania’s largest newspaper and post-gazette.com is the region’s most visited news website, together reaching nearly 1 million people each week.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been a mentoring partner with City High since 2010. Interns now travel across the Allegheny to the PG’s new offices on Pittsburgh’s bustling north shore.

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