City Charter High School provides a technology-rich learning environment for its students and staff. Staff, students and parents must agree to the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy before laptops will be issued.

Every student and staff member receives a Dell or Lenovo laptop computer. The White Paper – One to One Computing – describes how the laptops are used in the classroom. The computer has a wireless NIC as well as a 100 Mb Ethernet NIC. The laptop has two batteries providing 6-8 hours of wireless use. Students must recharge their computers in the evening. The laptops have 2 Gb of RAM with a 120 Gb hard drive. The laptops do not have either a CD or floppy drive.

The software provided on each computer includes MS Windows 2007, MS Office Pro, Adobe Suite of Software, Encyclopedia Brittanica with dictionary and thesaurus and Norton Anti-virus protection.

Internet access at City High is purchased from Expedient. The school has a direct fiber connection to the Expedient backbone providing constant 10 Mb bandwidth. The school receives Erate subsidies (80%) for both its phone and Internet system.

The school LAN supports TCP/IP printing to classroom laserprinters as well as a Xerox Color Copier. In addition, the school has three Dell servers that provide Internet filtering, directories for students and staff and a SQL database for school security.

City High also provides parents, students and staff with a complete online, web-based, student and content management system. Students, staff and parents have complete access to student records, grades, attendance and assignments. The system is called the City Charter High School Portal.