Internship Overview

What is an internship?

An internship at City Charter High School is a unique career exploration that integrates study with planned and supervised career-related work experience. Students are involved as non-paid “authentic employees” receiving academic credit for work experiences. The purpose of the program is to develop and strengthen the student’s educational and career preparation. An internship will expose the student to the interpersonal relationships a job requires, both with co-workers and supervisors that are essential in obtaining a successful, satisfying career. Internships enable employers to assist the high school students in preparing them to work in today’s business environment.

Student Benefits

An internship provides the student with a greater understanding of career demands and qualifications. It allows the student to understand the connection between what is studied and how it is applied in the world of work; thus it provides an opportunity for career awareness as the student begins to realize what he or she enjoys within the workplace. The students are carefully matched to companies or organizations in one of their career field choices. They are paired with an approved adult from that business to provide a one-on-one mentoring experience. Mentors and designated supervisors work with the students every afternoon for one trimester, approximately thirteen weeks, exploring the career and helping students gain practical work experience. By design, the Internship is an independent learning experience taking place off-site, yet coordinated and closely managed through the school. Students are responsible for arriving at their Internship location on time and conducting themselves in a professional manner. They are expected to respectfully take direction, demonstrate initiative, and complete tasks and projects with competence and timeliness.

Parent Support

Internships are non-traditional educational experiences for our high school students. It may demand flexible time at school and making up missed class work while carrying out effectively all duties and responsibilities on the job. The Internship Office keeps parents informed of their student’s Internship plan and progress. Parents are invited to attend the initial Internship set-up meeting, allowing the opportunity to meet the Internship Mentor and become familiar with the Internship Site. Parents are both welcome and encouraged to participate in this visit and see first-hand where the student will be interning and what sorts of activities are being planned for the Internship.

Successful Internship Completion

To insure the success of individual internship experiences, the following strategies will be implemented:

  • Weekly attendance and performance reports from the mentor at the Internship Site to the Internship Manager
  • Internship site visits by the Internship Manager to monitor student progress and overall Internship experience.
  • Completion of daily journal entries by student focusing on personal goals and accomplishments

The Internship experience at City Charter High School is a capstone course designed for students to apply and reinforce knowledge and skills gained from the Career Readiness classes. Successful completion of 130+ hours at the Internship with a grade of “C” or above is a graduation requirement.

For more information, please contact the Internship Office at City Charter High School (412.690.2489).