Internships—Students experience an off-campus internship, mentored in their field of interest.

City High’s 4.2 GPA student Cierra Saunders discovers she’s “a natural” in an advanced medical research laboratory. Read more about Cierra Saunders internship at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Department of Immunology

In an effort to better prepare students for the workforce, City Charter High School has a curriculum titled “Career Readiness” to achieve this goal by a student’s graduation from the school. To accomplish this task, an Internship Manager on staff will implement the following plan of action:

Grade 9

During Freshman year the Internship Office is introduced in the Career class focusing on the student understanding the career cluster language and a general idea of workplace expectations.

Grade 10

During Sophomore year presentations are made in the Career class to discuss the importance of the student’s role in their academic and career planning. This discussion reinforces the importance of a resume and how it will be used for the internship experience. We continue the discussion to focus on the importance of time management, attendance and an overall professional work ethic.

Grade 11

During the Junior year a peer-sharing workshop is held in the class that allows upper classmen to share their internship experience and assist the Junior students in preparing for what to expect.

Grade 12

1st trimester and 2nd trimester are identical to the 11th grade 3rd trimester

Each mentor must have current Criminal Record and Child Abuse Clearance forms. They are available at the State Office Building or through the Internship Manager at City High.

We also focus on preparation for the internship experience:

  • 1st trimester we review the student’s performance and introduce the concept of alignment
  • 2nd trimester we make offers to 1/3 of the class and accompany the student to their setup meeting in preparation for their 3rd trimester internship experience
  • 3rd trimester 1/3 of the students from the class are out for Internship. The training received from previous career classes, coupled with their workforce skills and technology training lay the foundation for Internship outcomes.

By the end of the Internship experience, students will be able to:

  • consistently arrive on time
  • show up prepared for internship
  • remain at site for full shift
  • use time productively
  • remain on task
  • follow proper call-off procedures
  • look for new assignments and opportunities when tasks are completed
  • follow worksite dress code rules
  • interact appropriately with others at the site
  • speak/communicate in a respectful and professional manner
  • remain engaged in the experience
  • take initiative to advocate for oneself as ideas and opportunities develop
  • demonstrate respect for company property
  • comply with workplace rules and protocol

Click here for a complete list of internship sites City High works with currently.