Dress Code

The City High dress code begins at the door. Students must walk in and out of the building in appropriate attire.

The dress code at City High is Professional. This applies to haircuts, hair coloring, hair pieces, make-up, jewelry, accessories, visible tattoos and facial piercings. The dress code excludes attire that has any type of exaggerated logo, text, political statement or design. This restriction applies to buttons, pins or any other type of clothing or paraphernalia.

Students who do not comply with the dress code will be sent home to change into appropriate clothing. Students who are sent home for dress code violations are marked absent unexcused from the classes missed.

Note: Because fashions change quickly and unpredictably, City High cannot list all acceptable and unacceptable attire. City High administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s attire meets the acceptable school dress code.

Feel free to download the Dress Code Poster for pictorial examples, or the Dress Code Section from the Student Handbook on the right.

Download Dress Code Poster
inappropriate attire for girls