2020-2021 Student Dress Code

These Updates have been reviewed and approved by the City Charter High School Board of Trustees.

City Charter High School

201 Stanwix Street, Suite 100
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222


Dress Code 2020-2021.pdf

The City Charter High School dress code begins at the front door. Students must arrive and depart in the appropriate attire.  The changing of clothes in the lobby, stairwell, elevators and in the school restrooms is prohibited and is a violation of the Code of Conduct. However, students may change shoes at their locker.

A Dress Code update/reminder will be sent home with every trimester report card mailing. This update/reminder is an addition to the Dress Code information that is already in the Student Handbook.

The Dress Code at City Charter High School is professional. It also applies to haircuts, hair coloring, hair pieces, make-up, jewelry, accessories, visible tattoos and facial piercings.  The Dress Code excludes attire that has any type of logo, text, political statement or branding.  This restriction applies to buttons, pins or any other type of jewelry, clothing or paraphernalia.

The Dress Code applies at all school related activities and remains in effect when students participate in field experiences, Internships, college visits, classes at partner institutions and programs/activities incorporated into the school schedule.  The Dress Code only changes on days when students participate in special field trips that require ‘dress down’ attire.  Examples of these trips are Laurel Caverns, Camp Kon-O-Kwee and Ohiopyle.

Students who do not comply with the Dress Code will be sent home to change into appropriate clothing and then return to school. Students who are sent home for Dress Code violations are marked Absent, Unexcused from the classes missed.

City Charter High School sponsors a fall dance, semi-formal dance (Snowball) in the winter and a formal dance (Prom) in the spring.  All of these events have a special dress code requirement which must be followed in order to attend the event.

At various times throughout the year, students are invited to special events (Robotics Competitions, Award Banquets, etc.) which require specific attire.  Students are required to comply with the dress code requirement to participate as a representative of City Charter High School.

Because Fashions change quickly and unpredictably, City High cannot list all acceptable and unacceptable attire.  City High administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s attire meets the acceptable dress code.