See why our diverse urban high school surpasses the national average in Graduation, Attendance, and College Graduation rates.


City Charter High School is a highly innovative public school in downtown Pittsburgh. City High was founded as an exemplary research and development high school for 21st century secondary urban education. As the upcoming conference plans to explore education innovation to develop skills for Americans at all levels.

We are proud to have produced three Gates Millennium scholars over the past five years. What’s more, 95% of our students qualify for the Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship. Since our first graduating class of 2011, we continually exceed all national/state averages with a 93% attendance rate, 93-97% graduation rate. And we reach these achievements with a diverse student population that averages 58% minority, 69% economically disadvantaged and 15% special needs.

City High was ranked 8th in the nation in 2011 for Most Connected Classrooms in High Schools by U.S. News and World Report. Editors cited, City High’s “computers, wireless Internet, interactive digital workspaces, technical support staff, connectivity to school from home, technical support staff and additional technological resources and high online engagement as keys to building a connected classroom.” ABC’s Good Morning America has also featured City High as “one of the bright spots in America’s educational future. ”
Technology is only one element of the innovative educational practices found at City High. It is the combination of several best practices that truly distinguishes the school.

    • “Looping” (keeping teachers and students together for all 4 years) builds an educational bond and teachers are vested in their students’ future. We serve the whole child, with two on-staff social workers for walk-ins, a full-time nurse, and a culinary staff to provide fresh nutritious food to power the mind.
    • Core Competencies – empowering students with Cultural, Scientific, Wellness and Work-skills Literacy, needed for communication in today’s competitive business world along with life skills needed to thrive, whether in career, college or work.
    • A free laptop for every student at the beginning of freshman year ensures they have the primary tool to do work, communicate and manage information. Students can also earn Microsoft and Adobe industry certifications, which provide a strong workforce foundation.
Chase Lang’s high school internship yields three published articles at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Read about his Post-Gazette Internship
  • Our “Workforce Culture” Post High
    School Planning

    Team prepares students for their professional life after high school. Before graduating every student will have a work experience internship from a partnered community business that is vested in our City’s future and will ultimately rely on its youth.
  • Mentoring businesses include: General Dynamics Mission Systems/VIZ, Carnegie Mellon University & University of Pittsburgh’s QoLT, Carnegie Mellon University Electrical and Computer Engineering, Maher Dussel, University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and many more!



A comprehensive 21st century model of secondary education that educates the whole child while solidly preparing all students to become contributing members of the modern workplace and responsible global citizens. We engage and inspire students to excel both inside the classroom as well as outside:

      • A free laptop for every student at the beginning of freshman year ensures they have the primary tool to do work, communicate and manage information. Students can also earn Microsoft and Adobe industry certifications, which provide a strong workforce foundation.
      • For the past two years, City High has been honored by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a “Title I – Distinguished School” for demonstrating exceptional gains in student achievement. Only six other high schools in the entire state have earned this title.
      • Unlike most schools where a D is sufficient, City High requires a C grade as the minimum for graduation and provides equitable academic, social, and emotional supports to maximize the prospects of all students meeting that goal.
Learn More: Download City High’s 2016 Brochure
      • 100% of our students have real-world work experience upon graduation and there is a Post-high School Planning Team to help ensure their future success.
      • Our robotics team competes successfully at regional competitions, winning the
        Pittsburgh Regional in 2006 and 2009.
      • Our Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) teams have developed two successful new business models; one receiving 2nd place nationally in 2016, while the other placed 1st nationally in 2013 and 2014, and placed 2nd in 2014 in the worldwide competition held in Moscow, bringing recognition to the school and the City.
      • Our award-winning international student service
        program combines community outreach in Costa Rica with cultural and environmental science learning experiences.
      • Visited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Equity Action Team — to see how City High is working to close the achievement gap and create better life and academic outcomes for its students of color and low-income.
      • We have many positive life-changing education experiences as evidenced by students like Djzanae Hammock (class of 2016 graduation
        keynote speaker) who said, “I am better than the bare minimum, I have learned that I have potential and that I need to use it.”

An essential key to innovation is an empowering public education that enables all students to develop skills at every level and become career-, college-, and work-ready for the modern world. City Charter High School’s unusual model creatively applies a core of innovative practices that produces exemplary results as an open-enrollment high school that strives to provide a model for improving lives for urban youth throughout the nation.

To see Djzanae Hammock and other students at our 2016 graduation, click here:

Dzjanae Hammock Graduation Speech from City High Digital Media on Vimeo.



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