Samantha Soto—Carnegie Science Center Internship

Carnegie Science Center is well known to the Pittsburgh community for providing interactive experiences in science and technology that delight and inspire participants.  The interactive experiences offered by the Science Center are what attracted Samantha Soto to this prestigious internship partner. Samantha’s interest in ecology and biology led her to Carnegie’s Seascape Department where she was fortunate to be mentored by Angela Hillenbrand and Dave Sobol.

Samantha’s graduation project involved herpetology. Because of Carnegie’s mission in providing interactive experiences in science, Samantha was given an opportunity to witness and study the cause and effect of environmental influences on amphibians and reptiles. During the course of Sam’s internship, she worked with her mentors in setting up daily main feedings, collecting and analyzing data and cleaning the tanks.  She was also lucky enough to assist in feeding the seahorses and jellyfish.

City High and the City of Pittsburgh are both fortunate to have a facility in their community dedicated to such noteworthy outreach and scientific literacy.  Samantha took full advantage of the Science Center facilities so that she could specifically study the cause and effect of humidity changes on the weight of amphibians and reptiles.  This chance to experience hands-on research confirmed Samantha’s interest in ecology and biology.



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