Renee Tillman—Strategies for redirecting children

Renee Tillman was accepted for internship at Carnegie Mellon University’s Children’s School under the guidance of Administrator Margaret Rosenblum. The school’s approach to preschool and kindergarten education is based on theories and research in developmental psychology, as well as years of successful practice. Renee’s interest in psychology and education made an internship with the Children’s School a perfect fit and a wonderful opportunity to experience her intended field firsthand.

Maggie describes Renee as a dependable student who took the internship seriously. The Children’s School supports undergraduate and graduate students studying child development and is known to lead through excellence and innovation. It is also the only facility in Pittsburgh where it is possible to study pre-school children with the controls demanded by research protocols. This setting gave Renee the chance to observe CMU students actually conducting research. Working under her mentor and the talented teaching staff at the Children’s School taught Renee many strategies for redirecting children.

The staff noted that Renee displayed a keen sense of knowing where she was most needed at any given moment. But as observed by many staff, perhaps the most important attribute displayed is that “Renee is extremely kind.” Renee’s internship experience made an impression on her and she expressed an interest in one day working for the office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF). Her mentors at the Children’s School were both touched and impressed.


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