City High’s Calendar of Events 2019-2020

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February 2020

February 5th — Half Day

February 14th — Half Day / Snow Ball

February 17th — No School – Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 2020

March 11-20th — Costa Rica Trip

March 13rd — Half Day

March 16th — No School

March 21st — New Admissions Spring Open House 10 a.m. – noon

April 2020

April 1-2nd —  Half Day – Finals

April 3-27th — Spring Break

April 28th — First Day of Trimester 3


May 2020

May 6-8th — 11th Grade – New York City Trip

May 15th — Half Day / Prom

May 20-22nd — Musical

May 25th — Memorial Day – No School

June 2020

June 3rd — Half Day

June 5th — Niagara Falls Trip

June 12th — Half Day

June 16-17th — Senior Finals (Half Days for Seniors)

June 18th — Senior Breakfast (Half Day for Seniors)

June 19th — Graduation Practice (Half Day for Seniors)

June 20th — Graduation at Soldiers & Sailors

July 2020

July 3rd — Independence Day – No School

July 10th — 9th Grade Presque Isle

July 22-24th — Half Day – Finals / Awards

July 25 – September 7th — Summer Break