City Charter High School is officially an “ALICE Certified Organization,” one of only 16 organizations in the state of Pennsylvania to receive this certification.

The ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) Training Institute provides live-saving training to millions of students across the country, This training teaches us  what to do in the unfortunate event of an active shooter. City High adopted the ALICE Training Institute best practices in 2016 . Students and staff are taught this important program both online and with hands on training. Our online training for students was developed by safety director Del Dougherty, who is an ALICE-certified trainer. The developed learning programs are tailored to both students and staff.

For full details on City High’s commitment to safety, visit our safety page at

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Fitness program aims to build trust between police, high schoolers

In addition to training, City High has installed lockdown devices this past summer on all classroom and office doors, updates to the school’s All Hazard Plan are completed yearly and safety audits from several law enforcement agencies have been conducted. Del Dougherty maintains all training records with the ALICE Training Institute. City High reached a 100% completion of ALICE-certified training last spring, meaning every student, teacher and staff member has undergone this important life saving training.

The ALICE Certified Organization Certification is only awarded to schools that put in the time to prepare the students and staff, work on existing safety measures, conduct annual audits and, most importantly, provide a safe school environment. City High is one of 16 organizations in Pennsylvania to receive the certification, out of the 3,287 schools and 120 charter schools in the state.

Congratulations to all of the students and staff at City High for not only earning the ALICE Certified Organization status but for continuing to make City High a safe environment for all of us.

City High Sets Lofty Standards for School Safety

Five initiatives Help Ensure a Safer Place for Learning.

  1. Enhanced Anti-bullying Policy
  2. ALICE-Certified Training at 100%—Staff and  Students 
  3. Facility Safeguards

    • Ballistic Glass Lobby
    • ID-Secured Entrance
    • Emergency Panic Buttons
    • 82 Monitored Cameras

    • EMERGENCY Panic Switches on every floor
    • EMERGENCY Panic Switches in every class room
  4. Lunch with an Officer
  5. Fitness Club



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