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City Charter High School’s amazing students, teachers, and Pittsburgh mentors make a difference everyday. Read about their achievements both in-school and out!

City High seniors’ presentation “GOT PRIVILEGE?” is a big hit at Ellis School’s Cultural Jam!

From L to R: Destiny Troy,  London Brooks, Crystal Cox and McKenna Battista present Got Privilege? at Ellis School’s Cultural Jam. For the purpose of workshop discussions, participants wrote down examples of how they have experienced the advantages and disadvantages of … Read more »

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City High’s Hector Navarette learns about database marketing as the only high school intern at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

From L to R: — Pittsburgh Cultural Trust mentors Kate McMahon- Institutional Development Associate, Sadie Treese—Development Systems Manager, Shavonne Arnett—Systems Associate with City Charter High School intern Hector Navarette There’s only one high school in Pittsburgh that places interns at the Pittsburgh Cultural … Read more »

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Children’s Hospital leads City High student Carmella Brown on journey of self-discovery.

From L to R: Sherry Rectenwald, John Krysinsky, Carmella Brown and Kim Mason “She was always fantastic, always appropriate. It’s spectacular to see somebody so young who’s so passionate and so caring. She’s just top-notch.”—Kim Mason Try becoming a volunteer at Children’s Hospital … Read more »

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For a student who loves to make things, City Theatre was a goldmine of opportunity for Kyesi Shackelford.

While at the City Theatre Set Department, Kyesi demonstrated maturity and initiative. As Mr. Ferrieri puts it, “Ky was great. (Also City High’s Alex Jacobs and Deanna Wanek– those three were the best we’ve ever had. Bar none! Very engaged, interested in what they were doing, had initiative. . . and really interested in learning what our process was.” Read more »

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City High—School Videos 2016-2017

Each year City High’s teachers and students work together to document their school year highlights with videos. Below are the links for the 2016-2017 school year videos. Please click the images below to watch City High’s students in action. Class … Read more »

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From nature to human nature — Karsen Koah’s internship at Carnegie Museum of Natural History takes her into a new direction.

Karsen’s work on the Air Pollution Plinko game and video helped her to examine how people of different age groups learn and take in new information all while developing her communication skills. Read more »

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White Papers: A Workforce Culture program designed based on suggestions from local businesses, companies and universities

Creating the City High Student Profile City Highʼs co-founders Rick Wertheimer and Mario Zinga started designing the school by creating a profile of the kind of graduate they wanted to produce. During the planning phase, they visited a range of companies and universities … Read more »

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The Robert F. Kennedy Urban Education Award, Mr. Mark Barga, City Charter High School Social Studies Teacher, Selected as the Schools That Can 2017 Robert F. Kennedy Urban Educator

City Charter Public High Schools applauds Mark’s recognition as an outstanding educator for the 21st Century, engaging all students in relevant and real world learning that is making a positive difference both in the classroom and the world in which our students will live and eventually lead. Read more »

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Once again, internship mentors have a life-changing effect on a City High student.

Through her work with hundreds of animals as an intern at the Western PA Humane Society (now merged with the Animal Rescue League), SaKyah began to learn that her passion for animals could be the basis for a career. That’s because when she graduates, she plans to pursue a degree in pre-vet medicine. Read more »

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Ten days of culturally immersed service learning not only teaches students about Costa Rica, but themselves.

La Carpio We arrived in La Carpio around nine a.m. for day two of our service work in the small community. We were met by friendly greetings from those we were assisting with the paving of an alleyway. Upon putting … Read more »

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