City High’s Carson Scholar Recipients—Tavizijhae Johnson and Gwenyth Zeis-Miller are awarded for embracing high levels of academic excellence and community service!

Tavizijhae Johnson and Gwenyth Zeis-Miller

Two City High students have been named Carson Scholar recipients for 2019. Congratulations to senior Tavizijhae Johnson, a 6-time Carson Scholar and to junior Gwenyth Zeis-Miller, a 7-time Carson Scholar.Tavizijhae Johnson was recognized at the Carson Scholar banquet on April 7 at Heinz Field, which was also attended by City High Education Manager Angela Welch.

The Carson Scholars Program is one of two initiatives by the Carson Scholars Fund. The scholarship program awards students who have embraced high levels of academic excellence and community service with $1,000 college scholarships. Additionally, students who are six or more time Carson Scholars receive an additional $1,000 award upon graduation.

The scholarship program began in 1996 with 25 scholarship awards. The program has since expanded and now, through donors and partners, the program is able to award more than 500 students scholarship awards annually. This has amounted to more than 8,300 scholarship awards across the country over the years.

The Carson Scholars Fund was created in 1994 by Dr. Ben Caron and his wife, Cindy. In addition to the Carson Scholars Program, the fund also provides funding for the Ben Carson Reading Project. This initiative provides funding and support to local schools to create a nurturing environment for children to feel safe and secure as they develop their reading skills. The projects works toward combating illiteracy and promoting leisure reading as a key to unlocking a child’s potential. More than 200 reading rooms across the country have been filled, each with hundreds of books for students to explore from a variety of authors, topics and genres.

Congratulations to our City High Carson Scholar recipients!

Tavizijhae Johnson and Ms. Angela Welch attend Carson Scholar banquet on April 7th at Heinz Field.


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