Admission Policy and Procedures

Grade 9 Admission Procedures

Students apply for admission in the Fall of their eighth grade year. The timeline is as follows:

October 1st to October 31st – Sibling Preference is given to eighth graders who have a sibling currently attending City High. Siblings do not receive preference after October 31. Any sibling application received after October 31, will be processed like any other application.

November 1st to 30th – Pittsburgh Public School District resident preference window. A total of 180 freshmen seats are available. The number of seats available at this point is 180 minus the number of siblings who have already applied. Any Pittsburgh Public School District resident application received after November 30th will be processed like any other application

First weekday in December – If more than 180 students including siblings have applied before the end of November a lottery will occur. Siblings are not included in the lottery. If 180 or fewer students have applied then all will be admitted once they have attended the mandatory orientation and submitted all documents.

Second weekday in December – Registration continues for both city and suburban residents. If 180 students have already applied, new applicants will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which the application is received and will be admitted as vacancies occur. Students are admitted from the waiting list only during the months of September and January of their 9th grade year.

Please be advised that a spot on the waiting list is not a guarantee for admission at any point.

Once a seat becomes available in the 9th grade class, students from the waiting list will be admitted according to the number they hold on the list. Once placed on the 9th grade waiting list the student has until January 31st to be enrolled. If, after January 31st a student is still on the 9th grade list, they will automatically be placed into the 10th grade waiting list, in order, before any new 10th grade applications are added to the list.

Grade 10 Admission Procedures

Students who are not already on the 9th grade waiting list may apply for 10th grade admission after February 1st of their 9th grade year.

All students applying for 10th grade must be 10th graders by City High standards. These are the same requirements that City High 9th graders must meet to move on to grade 10.  A grade review will be made by the City High Admissions Office. Applicants must submit their 9th grade report card before eligibility can be determined.  No exceptions are made.

Students are admitted from the 10th grade waiting list as openings occur only during the month of September of their 10th grade year.

Grades 11 and 12

Students are never admitted to Grades 11 and 12 at City High.