Laptop technology learners at City HighCity High’s Guide to Distance Learning

City High has created this page to provide students and parents one place to refer to during their distance learning classes.  Classroom instructions, letters, and notifications have been collected together here for your quick reference.

Please bookmark this page for new notification and instructions as we progress back to our traditional classrooms.

June, 2020

Students and Families—Information on locker cleanout PICKUP

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 from 10am – 2pm.
Please note that this will be the ONLY date for pick-up.

Due to the mandated school closure from the COVID-19 pandemic, students were unable to clean out their lockers and Quiet Room cubicles before the cancellation of in person classes. Over the past couple of weeks, school staff worked diligently to get these items bagged for our students. Students are asked to come to school on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 from 10am – 2pm to pick up their items. Please note that this will be the ONLY date for pick-up.

Any item that is left at the school after the pick-up date will be discarded.

City High Will Be Following All CDC Guidelines During This Pick-Up Event!

1. Students should arrive at the school beginning at 10am and maintain social distancing.
2. Everyone MUST wear a mask. If you do not have a mask or face covering, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN THE BUILDING.
3. ONLY 10 students will be permitted in the building at a time.
4. Students will enter through the front Auditorium door, pick up their marked bag and then immediately leave through the front entrance.
5. After exiting the building, students must leave the school exiting through Gateway Park.

**CDC Guidelines do not allow for students to congregate within or outside the school building. After picking up your items, you must leave the school zone.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in helping us keep you and all of our students safe during the locker pick-up event.

Del Dougherty Jr, Director / SRO
City Charter High School
Office of School Safety & Security


2019-2020 Trimester Three Instructions

Please watch the Step-by-Step Third Trimester Guide Video.

Tri3 Notification to Families_4-27-20.   Tri3 Distance Learning Checklist

April 27, 2020

Hello Students and Families:

We’re in countdown mode to the start of our third trimester! Amidst the extraordinary circumstances, we have extraordinary students and staff so we are confident that we can do this! Our caring and competent school community are equipped to band together to make this transition. It will be different, but learning is all about adaptability.

As promised in our earlier notification this week, we’ve included the attached Infographic and a link to our Step-by-Step Third Trimester Guide Video. to help simplify distance learning expectations and to help students get acclimated for a successful start to our next trimester.

These resources will also be posted on our website. Also know that you should be receiving a hard copy of our April 27th letter and Infographic in the mail today or tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, rest up, and gear up for a strong start to our next trimester! As always, stay safe! Stay healthy!

Dr. Allen and Admin

Please watch the Step-by-Step Third Trimester Guide Video.

Read: Tri3 Notification to Families_4-27-20

Download: Tri3 Distance Learning Checklist

APRIL 30, 2020:

Tomorrow, FRIDAY May 1st, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

We had a good response today of students coming to pick up educational items or to address technology needs.  We still have some items remaining so we are going to provide one last opportunity for students to come in.  It will be tomorrow from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. on Friday, May 1st.  Regarding lockers and cubicles, please stay tuned for the clean-out day, which will occur later in the trimester.  Please reach out to your Grade-Level Principal if you have questions.  

APRIL 29, 2020:

Dear City High Students and Families:

We have not yet received the shipment of webcams that we were expecting.  As a result, you should not report to school tomorrow if you were only coming to pick up a webcam.  When the shipment arrives, we will be making arrangements to get them to those of you that we have on our webcam list based on Mr. Crist’s survey and our Learning Support team.  Everyone else should still report to pick up items/receive laptop repairs according to the grade-level notations outlined in Monday’s notification.

In determining whether you should come in for a technology need, Mr. Crist has provided the following guidelines to consider:


  • If your school laptop is NOT functional, please come in for repairs or to receive a spare laptop tomorrow.
  • If your school laptop should be repaired BUT currently it’s completely usable as is…please continue to use it for your daily classwork. It’s not a perfect solution, but is what will keep you engaged in schoolwork.


  • Again, while we expected to receive our shipment in time for tomorrow’s pick-up date, it has not yet been delivered.  You should not report to school tomorrow if you were only coming to pick up a webcam.  We will make arrangements once the shipment arrives.
  • If you are still wondering whether your City High laptop has an internal camera, please check your student email account for a prior email from Mr. Crist about how to determine if you have an internal camera that needs to be ‘enabled.’  His email will show you how to do this.


  • If your family has not yet completed the Technology Survey, PLEASE take 2 minutes to do so.  It will really help our efforts to support your online technology needs:

All my best,

Dr Allen
CEO and Principal

We have NOT yet received the shipment of webcams that we were expecting.
As a result, you should not report to school tomorrow if YOU WERE ONLY coming to
pick up a webcam…


APRIL 27, 2020:

Dear Students and Families:

The new trimester is set to begin next week, and we wanted to let you know that we have reached a decision about third trimester beyond our initial plans to operate through May.  We are not going to return in person.  Previously, I shared that we’d be able to gage if we could return for the summer in part based on whether summer programming and youth employment were deemed permissible.  However, even if approved, there will still be uncertainty about ensuring a safe environment at school.   It will be imperative to have established protocols regarding social distancing and steps to follow in the event that someone exhibits symptoms, tests positive, or is exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID 19.  Such protocols are not yet established and will require more guidance and time to address appropriately.

Please read our complete 3 page outline for valuable students day-to-day expectations, upcoming plans and dates for prom and graduation, as well as the very important upcoming educational materials and technology pick-up schedule for each grade level on THURSDAY April 30th.

Trimester 3 Notification to Families_4-27-20 — For Important Class Instructions, Prom, Graduation, Technology & Repair Pickups Information



APRIL 20, 2020:

We care deeply about our City High student body as well as our teachers and staff that comprise our school community. Please download and read our COVID-19 Continuity of Education Plan for City Charter High School



APRIL 13, 2020:

Hello City High Parents and Families
As we look ahead to the start of trimester 3, we have made some decisions about how we will begin the next trimester in light of Governor Wolf’s recent announcement that mandated school closures are being extended through the end of the school year to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on our respective communities. City High’s online delivery approach will be extended through the month of May. However, it will look differently than how we finished trimester 2:
Please download the entire letter for more details and City High’s new online structure.

Continue to stay safe and healthy!
Best, Dr. Allen

LETTER TO PARENTS—Moving Forward April 13, 2020



MARCH 27, 2020:

Hello City High Parents and Families, As promised, we included their Assignments document per grade and team for each of their courses.  We’ve attached the Assignments document below for every grade, which also includes teacher office hours.
Continue to stay safe and healthy!

Best, Dr. Allen

CH 9th Grade Assignments_3-30 to 4-3-20

CH 10th Grade Assignments_3-30 to 4-3-20

CH 11th Grade Assignments_3-30 to 4-3-20

CH 12th Grade Assignments_3-30 to 4-3-20

Hello Class of 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020:

We hope that you are doing well and keeping yourself productively busy considering the circumstances.   Whether it’s listening to your favorite song/artist, reading, exercising, watching a favorite show/movie, and/or doing a kind deed for someone else, try to do something each day that that makes you smile.  Again, we miss you and will get through this one day at a time.

We have one week of school left in the trimester starting on Monday, March 30th.  As promised, attached are document that have compiled all of your assignments per class and per team as well as office hours for your teachers.  We will also post this document on our website.  I want to give your teachers a shout-out for the time they put into collaboratively developing assignments given the new parameters we’re working within of temporarily transitioning to online/remote facilitation of your classes.  Feel free to thank them too.

Have a good weekend and then let’s be ready to start Monday prepared to finish our last week of trimester two strong!

Best, Dr. Allen