The academic program is built on a clustering of the Pennsylvania Chapter 4 Academic Standards. This clustering allows for flexibility in scheduling and staffing as well as providing a common sense approach to interdisciplinary, project-based learning.

Cultural Literacy

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening; 
  • Social Studies – Civics and Government, Geography, Economics, History – Cultural Literacy;
  • Cultural Literacy White-paper,
  • Arts and Humanities; 
  • Research – Information Literacy;
  • World Languages – Spanish.

Scientific Literacy

  • Mathematics;
  • Science, Environment and Ecology;
  • Family and Consumer Science – Financial and Resources Management – Financial Literacy.

Wellness Literacy

  • Health, Safety and Physical Education;
  • Family and Consumer Science – Food Science and Nutrition, Child Development.

Work-skills Literacy

  • Career Education and Work ;
  • Workforce White-paper;
  • Internship & Transition;
  • Basic Computer Literacy; Applied Technology, Computer Technology, Multimedia Technology, Network Technology.

City High is currently updating their curriculum page, please refer back to this page for our new detailed downloadable versions of each Literacy Group. If you have questions please contact Angela Welch: Education Manager at (412) 690-2489 extension 165;

Revised May 9, 2016