Continuing Challenges

City High uses data to identify areas for improvement and target resources and staff development. Areas of current focus include:

Building the buy-in of all students, but especially 9th graders, to the school’s academic culture: City High’s approach demands that students take increased ownership of their own learning, a challenging transition for many students.

Teaching a rigorous curriculum to diverse learners: City High serves students of all test score quartiles in the same classrooms. Teachers at City High must work to create access to a challenging curriculum for struggling students while continuing to stretch stronger students.

Staffing a demanding school model: With an extended school day and year-round calendar, the need for teachers to develop multiple courses as they advance with their students, and the intensity of student relationships, working at City High can be demanding.

Calculating accurate completion rates: As a school of choice, it is difficult but critical for City High to accurately track student retention and graduation. If students leave City High is it because the school was a bad fit for them or because they didn’t receive the support they need? How many who leave City High go on to graduate from other schools and how many are dropouts?