Darin Carlini; Internship affirms
teaching degree after high school.

Darin Carlini had already expressed an interest in teaching prior to his internship at Pittsburgh Public Montessori Elementary School.  Yet Darin’s internship as a classroom assistant for teacher Karen Gelston was better than even he expected.  Right from the start Darin jumped into helping small groups with reading assignments, tutoring students one on one and assisting other students with spelling and math. Darin was pleased to have the chance to watch Ms. Gelston use a variety of teaching strategies to drive home a single concept.

Darin’s interest in teaching was originally geared toward younger students.  However, the internship with the Montessori Elementary School gave Darin a chance to work with 5th and 6th grade students.  He quickly realized that he actually enjoyed working with this age group. Because of his City High internship Darin is now certain that a teaching degree is the path he should pursue after high school.