3E Now—Educating, Empowering,
Eliminating Dating Violence


In the true spirit of grassroots social change, 3E Now is a non-profit organization dedicated to domestic abuse prevention, implementing awareness campaigns with year-long programming at various schools throughout Western PA.

Unfortunately prevention is often thought of last, because of the significant need for victim services.

From L to R: Devaun Herzog and Chris McAneny, Executive Director of 3ENow who mentored Devaun Herzog during his internship.

The fact is: 1 in 3 teenagers are involved in an abusive relationship. So 3E Now works with students to address gender inequality, to challenge typical, traditional social norms about what it means to be a man, what is means to be a woman, what a healthy relationship looks like, what a dangerous relationship looks like.

“We’re working on elevating those student voices so that they can become the leaders in the school.” Says Chris McAneny, 3E Now executive director. “Ideally over years and time, we will see a cultural shift in the schools, so that sexist and derogatory language is no longer accepted – no longer accepted by the faculty and administration, it’s no longer accepted by the students.”